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Heffa, this cant be categorized in the Tragicomedy file if you are talking about going on a cruise. I'm excited for you! (And more than a bit jealous) This sounds like the exact same cruise that G-Rock and I are doing this summer. Make note of everything man, I will need recommendations and suggestions when its my turn to bounce.

Phoenix Rising

You know, you may be right! LOL, I'm not used to being happy!! I am one behind you and Gmoney on the cruise thing and I'll tell you all the places to have sex and not get caught! Maxamillian is coming too; we're getting his passport tomorrow! You know I'll have a bottle of liquor for you from an exotic locale.


I SUCK, SUCK, SUCK! I just fell of the face of your earth for quite a while. Of course, it looks like you fell off the face of your earth as well since it has been several weeks since you have posted. :)

My life has been a whirlwind of turmoil but let's wrap up the events of the past six weeks to say that I am resigning my current job on Monday and taking a new position as and EDITOR of a MAGAZINE!!! SO SO SO EXCITED!!

Now, you know the score - it ain't Vanity Fair or People. Hell, it ain't even the Enquirer, but it is a nice little home improvement magazine that I have been freelancing for for about 18 months (forgive my grammar!) and they are expanding their market and want me to be an editor! I had to take a little bit of a pay cut but it was so worth it because this is what I have always wanted to do and, at the worst, it will add another skill to my resume.

Hope your trip was as awesome as it sounds and you found some suitable reading - sorry I was not there for you. And I have read some good chick lit recently too - it is all I have time for - nothing to heavy to tax the brain.

Love and kisses from the Big J aka gabunny =:-)

Phoenix Rising

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must tell me what mag so i can take out a subscription!!! Send me your email again and i'll send some vaca pics. Love ya!

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