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this should be a PSA


Oh. my. God. BRAVO!! LOL!! APPLAUSE!! MORE APPLAUSE!! Please get this published somewhere where everyone in the US of A can read it.

You are a parent writing this. I am a childless adult reading this. But it doesn't matter. Kids are out of control these days and so are their parents.

This is not something that has happened overnight or is confined to just blacks either. I work with a 24 yr old white girl who, with some amount of pride, admits she has not read a book since college. WTF??? I told her I would be embarrassed to admit that. Bitchy?? Maybe. But true. Fucking idiot. And she is trying to get pregnant as we speak. What do you think those kids are going to turn out like? (ps, she only got through college because she was a graphic design major and she took as little "learning" classes as she could. just goes to show they will let anyone through if they have their money -- at least that it what I think sometimes when I see college graduates such as these).

I don't know if I have espoused my platform here before but here it is: Yes, people should by sterilized at birth and before you can be undone to have kids, you have to have tranining/ a license/ be a certain age/ a degree. Being a parent is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing anyone will do but it is the only thing you do that you do not have to be a certain age, have a license or degree, etc. etc. It is fucking crazy the way just any dumbass moron fool can pump out another human being. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And they need to sterilize 40 yr old or put him in a scientific experiment for super sperm.

Phoenix Rising

thank you all. this will be my platform as i run for some office.

gabunny - definitely not confined to just blacks. i really think it is generational. the "babies having babies" crowd are now having their own children and it's fucking up the universe and i just can't take it any more.

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