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I am happy, and somewhat jealous, that you are pursuing your passion, regardless of the income and other things. I am slowly inching my way toward my passion but who knows if I will get there before I die. It is hard to give up a somewhat comfortable life (not rich, just able to pay the bills and go out once in a while) and pursue a dream, do what needs to be done to be truly happy. The saying is that if you do what you love, the money will follow, but I just don't have enough faith to go there yet. . . but there never is a right time, is there?

As far as reading, may I share a few novels that have moved me? Here are some of my personal favorite picks (that I didn't already see on your list):

The Dive from Claussen’s Pier – Ann Packer
(makes you think "what would I do" in same situation)

Bel Canto – Anne Padgett
(shows how we can find commonalities with anyone simply because we are human)

Good Grief – Lolly Winston

The True & Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters – Elisabeth Robinson

The Center of Everything – Laura Moriarty

Back When We Were Grownups – Anne Tyler

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

Girl with the Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier

House of Sand & Fog - Andre Dubus III
(illustrates how even small, simple choices can dramatically alter the course of our lives)

In Her Shoes – Jennifer Weiner

Little Earthquakes - Jennifer Weiner

Save Karyn - Karyn Bosnak
(real life shopaholic!)

Anything by Lorna Landvik

Why Girls are Weird - Pamela Ribon
(what happens when you reinvent yourself through your blog)

PS, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marian Keyes, the Shopaholic series and Harry Potter and have read all of all. I think you will like some of these books - let me know if you give them a read.

Best, J

Phoenix Rising

Believe me, it was a huge leap of faith. I had to do something because I absolutely HATED going to work and I HATED the way my job made me feel.

What's your passion?

And thanks for the recommends! I've been living on the 3 for 2 table at Borders. I'll add these to my list.


Writing. I love to write. I don't think I have it in me to write a novel - the best book I might could get out of me would be a book of funnish, real life essays a la David Sedaris. A novel - not so sure. I have several ideas but the ability to carry them through 300+ pages with twists, turns and character development is daunting at best.

Now, magazine feature writing I am all about. I started last fall writing for some magazines in the Atlanta area. I am about to write my first piece for a small national. My dream is to have a column in a big-time like Vanity Fair. I would love to write about the everydayness of "celebrities" - that is my idea. How they are just like us but everyone forgets. I love interviewing people, finding out what makes the happy, sad and just be. I love it when the interview finds its way to the "money quote" as I call it - the one quote that just wraps it all up. That is my passion. And when I have passion about a subject, I can pump it out. I am not overly pithy or witty or melodramatic - I just like to tell the story.

Sorry to blither on - see, it is a passion!

Have a great weekend, J


PS, have you discovered It is the media outlet of ebay. You can buy most of the books I suggested for around $1-2. The s&h is usually more than the cost of the book. I recently ordered five books and paid around $20. Plus, it is great to get them all in the mail! It is like a game now - to see how cheap I can buy a book. I try to buy all for $1 or less but never more than $5 with s&h. Check it out - if you haven't, you will wet your pants with joy!!!

Phoenix Rising

a magazine? wow!!! you'll have to let me know which one so i can pick it up. congratulations!!!


^thanks, but it is not THAT fabulous. it is just a new home improvement magazine and my article is on hardscapes. but everyone has to start somewhere . . .

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