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>Clinique Colour Surge Lip Lacquer
I probably am the only female in America who does not like gloss (I am a matte lipcolor kind of girl) but I do love the Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, a periennal fashion favorite and about as "glossy" as I will go.

>MAC Eyeshadow
See my last post - LOVE MY MAC! Tempting is my current favorite color as well and, when I am going bold, I am all about Sumptuous Olive.

>Coach - "you cannot beat Coach for an all leather bag. It just ain't happening."
AMEN! I received my first Coach bag almost 20 years ago. I have had several since. I did buy a logo bag when they first came out and I am almost embarrassed to carry it now. My latest purchase was one of the Soho bags with the big buckle. Lucky me that I have a Coach outlet literally 15 minutes from my home. But not lucky for my finances.

Phoenix Rising

gabunny - i have "full" lips, so i feel that any color on them is a ringing endorsement for clown school. funny that you said that... the almost lipstick in Black Honey is as dark as i will go!

I just purchased a soho business tote in camel and I love it. It allows me to carry around all my junk.


sadly, while my lips are average size, they are pale. death-like pale. so I wear lipstick. dark lipstick. I love brown pinks, plums and brown reds. black honey is my Sunday-running-to-Target lipstick only. too pale for regular day wear.

ps, have you tried the Dove Relaxing Nighttime wash? it is pretty good!

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